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Luckily it was a sunny afternoon, and Tony had been waiting for this day for months. He was making his way to the tv studios to be in the audience of Countdown, his favourite game show. He waited outside the train station to hail a taxi, why was there never one around just when you needed one?
He checked his watch, he wasn't going to be late but he wanted to get in early and maybe have a drink before recording started. 'Damn you cabs', he thought. 'Come onnn....'. And just as that thought entered his mind, a big black cab turned the corner towards the station. "Yessss!", whispered Tony, and stuck out his hand to halt it.
He climbed in and settled into one of the seats, reached for the door handle and opened his mouth to call his destination to the driver. That's when somebody grabbed the door and shouted "Wait!". Tony recoiled slightly in shock as he almost shut the girl's fingers in the door.
"I need to be at the studios quick" she said "Would it be okay? I'll pay the full fare no problem."
Tony saw she was desperate and there were no other taxis around. Luckily for her he was going to the studios anyway. She had a pleading look on her face, and although she wore sunglasses and a black wool beret covered her hair, he could tell she was mid twenties and very pretty. There was also an instant spark of recognition. In the one or two seconds of him setting eyes on her, his brain didn't immediately register.
"Hop in" he smiled "I'm on my way there anyway!"
"Thank you so much!" she beamed "Driver, Media City please!", and she slammed the door and sat next to Tony.
As the cab pulled away from the kerb, the girl removed her shades and took off her beret in one movement, letting her shoulder length blonde hair fall down. Tony's heart stopped beating just for a second as his jaw dropped. This is why he felt he recognised her. It was Rachel Riley, star of the very show he was on his way to!
"Trains and taxis!" she smiled. "Never on time eh? I'm Rachel by the way". She held her hand out to Tony.
"I know!" he spluttered before composing himself a little. "I'm watching you today, I've watched you on tv since you first started. I'm Tony." he said gently shaking her hand.
She gave a cute giggle and Tony felt himself getting turned on. What was happening here? One of the main reasons he wanted to be in this audience was to see Rachel in the flesh, there was no denying it. Tony thought she was gorgeous. And here she was in his cab, giggling at a starstruck stranger!
"That's lovely, thank you!" she said, genuinely pleased.
The cab passed into slow moving traffic. "Oh wouldn't you just know it?" said the cab driver. Rachel checked her watch then smiled.
"Not a problem really" she called to him. "Plenty of time".
She felt lucky to have caught this taxi at all, so being a few minutes late would be pointless worrying about. She turned to Tony. "How do I ever thank you for doing this?" she asked him.
Tony's heart began to thud in his chest. "There's no need to thank me really" he shrugged, trying to make out he was calm and collected.
"Oh I do" she smiled at him, and leaned over to kiss his cheek.
Tony's mind went into overdrive. He was happy, amazed and raging horny all in one second! He sat staring at Rachel, unable to do a thing because of the bl**d thundering in his ears. This was a dream! It had to be! He would wake up in his bed any second now...
But he didn't.
"Thank you Tony" she smiled sexily at him. And suddenly she kissed his mouth. And again.
'Oh Christ, oh God' thought Tony over and over, then Rachel was kissing him hard on the lips, her tongue snaking into his mouth. He kissed her back, his fingers caressing her hair as he held her head with one hand. Her hand was on his thigh, rubbing slowly as they kissed passionately. The taxi driver said nothing, but watched them through the rear view mirror.
Her long-nailed fingers were fumbling with his fly and drawing the zip right to the bottom. Tony's mind raced as her fingertips reached inside. His cock was achingly hard as she quickly released it, still snogging passionately. She curled her fingers around the shaft and wanked it, pulling his foreskin back gently. She stopped kissing him so she could see what she was doing.
"What a beautiful cock" she breathed as she wanked it up and down.
"Oh God Rachel, you don't have to..." whispered Tony as he shuffled down in his seat. But his sentence was cut short as Rachel suddenly stuffed Tony's swollen cockhead deep into her mouth and started to run her lips up and down the shaft fast. "Oh, Rachel" he moaned, expecting to wake up right now. He already felt the stirrings of orgasm deep in his balls. This was insane!
She sucked hard on Tony's fat cock, grunting quietly like she was enjoying herself, her head rising and falling in his lap.
"Rachel I think I'm gonna cum" he informed her urgently. He couldn't believe this was happening! She removed her mouth from his cock, leaving it smeared in her sexy dark lipstick, and climbed onto the cab floor facing him. She took his cock in her right hand and his heavy balls in her left and began to toss him off while staring into his eyes. Immediately, Tony felt his climax rushing forward.
"Thank you Tony" she whispered to him "Thank you!"
"Oh yes, oh Rachel!" he cried as he reached the point of no return. "Aaaaahhhhhh!"
"Oh Tony, thank you!" she cried as she moved her face to Tony's twitching dick, immediately being drenched with a huge jet of hot spunk.
Tony lurched forward then lifted his backside off the seat as Rachel made him climax hard. "Guuuuuuuhhhhh!" he groaned as his spunk splattered her cheeks, her lips, her chin, her hair and her outstretched tongue.
As he finished cumming and slumped back in his seat, Rachel sucked his deflating cock clean with a big smile on her wet face. She grinned at him still holding his dick in her beautiful hand. "Thank you Tony" she said again. Tony was speechless, unable to take in what had just happened.
The taxi had arrived at the studio now, so Rachel cleaned up her face as best she could with a handful of tissues from her handbag, gave the driver the fare with a huge 'thank you' tip, then turned to Tony who was only just realising where they were. "Let me give you something" she said reaching into her bag again. She took out a thin marker pen and reached over towards his groin again. Just above his cock, she scrawled her phone number then popped the pen back in her bag. She hopped out of the cab and looked back to Tony. "Call me!" she smiled. Then she was gone.

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