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Pulling my hair tightly back and holding it in place with an elastic band, pulling on the cap and tucking under any visable stray blond whisps, I checked left and right in my mirror, ensuring that the snug fit helped to mask any femininity, normality associated with longish hair.
Scrubbed clean, and deviod of any lingering smells of soap and perfumes, nothing except the odour of my body, little capsules of feminine pheromones, wafting amongst the heavier intoxicating mixes of male hormones, alcohol, sweaty and semen induced, smells bursting with each intake into my nostrals, warning me that this place has men in the act of fertilizing the same female, they are witnessing being fucked, each stroke of their hands in the act of bringing forth their own seed, only to be cast onto rocky ground, or ejaculated onto the back of the seat in front of them.
In one of these seats I sit. I am alone in the darkness of a side street porn theatre, devoid of underwear, so naked under my skant clothing, I feel the trickle of my sweat, running between my breasts, down my tummy, casading little rivulets of sweat, running across my clitoris and further down between my partially open thighs, culminating to help moisten, the sperm encrusted seat cover, that supports my nude buttocks, and vaginal opening.
The cinema has a dozen heads dotted around, and each head occasionaly looks left and right, not in unison but just enough to ensure their own act of self debasement, is private, after all everyone else is doing it. God how would they all feel if they knew a female was sitting amonst them witnessing their fisting of their meat, in a fuckless waist of energy and shooting their seed onto dry ground, look around one more time, here I sit, warm, moist, and ready to receive.
Occasionally one stands up, maintaining a stooping posture as he shuffles of to the exit, he is relieved and is now scurrying away after depositing a fresh layer to the sticky carpeted floor, the same floor my naked toes lovenly caress, as I imagine all the deposited spermatozoa lavishing love to the female flesh so missed, on their loveless journey into the seedy cinema.
On a brighter scene in daylight the girl is in a park surrounded by a group of men, the illumination causes the look around, myself included, as I clearly see the man in front of me, two seats to the right, pull on his cock, exposing the head as his foreskin peels back.
My breathing quickens in unision with his stroking and I subconsiously squeeze my thighs together, trying hard to stimulate my engorged clitoris, into some imaginary fuck along his shaft.
I was locked onto his cock when he sensed and looked back at me, my face was fully exposed to him in the brightness of the scene. Surely he knows I am a woman, I panicked slightly as if caught with my hands in the cookie jar, but this was more serious, I was a lone female in a cinema without usherettes, in a room with men all doing their sex thing, a lone female ripe for plucking and without excuses and at fault for putting herself there.
I held my breath even though my heart was about to burst out of my rib cage. The excitement I was feeling was the culmination of an exercise I had experienced once before as a young teen in Newcastle. That night had given me endless masturbatory visions, as I relived and enlivened the experience down the ages.
But tonight was not in my imagination, tonight I was in the thick of the action and had just been looked at, I had been spotted peeping at the guy in front, I was guilty of invasion to privicy and now would have to confess my guilt and submit to whatever punishment is deemed just and warrented, in the world of seedy back street cinemas.
As I awaited for him to make his move, my attention was drawn to the man oposite, now emerging from the recesses of a darker section. Fuck I thought, where did he spring from, and before I could formulate my answer he was moving in behind me, directly behind me and as he sat down I could hear his laboured breathing and my seat back take weight, as he was pushing his knees into it as he was sitting very close indeed.
I looked at the guy in front, he had just witnessed the other guy move in behind me, and he was fully exposed now, proudly showing his cock to me in full view, standing and moving over, blocking my view to the screen, leaning across the seat in front and as his hands took hold of my coat, I made a consious effort to relax and accept the back street cinema justice, that was now about to be administered, by the judge and jury, as they were now converging on the guilty.
Both seats on either side of me were now occupied, my coat was wide open and each of my thighs were lifted over each arm rest, and clamped in place be eager men, still masturbating onto my inner soft fleshy thigh, both cocks pointing directly at my vagina, which in turn was being penetrated by numerous hands of sex starved men.
My head was yanked back and a cock was thrust into my mouth. I had no control in the motion as it was being held deep and my head was being pulled back and forth, my mouth was doing the work of his hand, he was wanking his cock using my head and mouth as a more sensitive wanking device.
After a few moments he withdrew his cock and I could taste the saltiness of his ejaculate. He had been so far down my throat he had just pumped it straight into my stomoch.
The warm streams were becoming more numerous, firstly one directly onto my right breast followed by my inner right thigh, then a first for me, right into my left ear, held open as he placed his cock right into the cavity and let fly, pumping it full till overflowing down my neck, settling in the cavity of my breastbone, where it formed a little pool.
After the initial assault, tensions eased and as each spent f***e made way for the next, a more regular and systicmatic sex session was in full swing. No one was speaking, not even I.
I was just getting on with what was required, I was not counting, just receiving each man and using whatever part of my body he was engaged with. The cleanliness I had applied prior to coming here, now lay under a salty layer of fresh sperm. My long blond hair was matted, my face was covered, as were my breasts, tummy and thighs, not to mention the numerous cream-pies endured by my unprotected vagina.
How many men releived themselves onto and into me in that small session, to be honest, I lost count, but I had to wash my car clean the next day and I just threw my coat in the garbage, as drycleaning was out of the question.
Initially I counted a dozen heads prior to the session, but I guess the second matinee came in at an opertune moment.
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